Fizzle out those fizzy drinks from your life

Recently, Love Life Love You has received several requests from people asking us to help them with their addiction to fizzy drinks, especially diet coke. This got us thinking about this type of sugar addiction and why people often find themselves reaching for that can of coke rather than a healthy drink.

The Truth Behind Fizzy Drinks

Now while the diet versions of fizzy drinks don’t contain the same amount of sugar and calories as normal fizzy drinks, they are not as harmless as people think. Nutritionist Marion Nestle, a professor of nutrition at New York University, states that there is little evidence that diet drinks help people lose or maintain weight. She also states that there is actually some evidence that diet drinks cause similar metabolic problems to sugary drinks. Metabolic problems include symptoms such as fat around your belly, increased levels of cholesterol and increased chance of heart disease. Not good!

In addition to the above effects of drinking coke, it has also been shown to cause insulin resistance, tooth decay, thinning bones and the decline of your kidneys. Studies have also shown that it increases your chance of becoming obese. Sounds like it’s time to kick that craving!

Recently The Renegade Pharmacist created these diagrams showing what happens to your body one hour after drinking coke and diet coke. The results are pretty shocking – make sure you have a read!


How to Kick Your Cravings

Here are some tips to helping you curb your coke and diet-coke cravings.

1. If you drink coke because it gives you energy, replace the caffeine with healthier sources of the stuff. Healthier versions include coffee and tea as these contain lots of antioxidants that are great for your health. Here at LLLY we especially love green tea as it is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that have powerful effects on the body.

2. If you drink coke because of it’s sweetness, look to other sources of natural sweetness for your taste buds. This includes sweetening drinks with stevia, natural honey or coconut sugar, all of which you can find in your local supermarket these days. If you’re desperate for a sugary snack, try dates or raisins.

3. Do you drink coke because it helps you feel less stressed? This is because your adrenal glands need support when you are stressed as they make more sugar during these times. Try and avoid stressful situations throughout the day: if the morning news winds you up, then switch it off! We also recommend eating healthily and often throughout the day to keep your blood sugar levels consistent – you want to avoid the peaks and troughs!

4. Don’t look to cut out the sugary drinks all together. This will only add to stress and then to guilt when you give in to your cravings. Start with baby steps and look to cut down to a certain number of cans of coke per week.

5. Use your positive mindset to tell yourself that you can do it! The power to change anything in your life is all within you. Tell yourself that you can cut out the coke, that you do want to do it and that it will be beneficial to your health in the long term.

If you’re still having problems with cutting out the fizzy drinks, book an appointment to see Steve and he will help you get on the right track!

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