My journey to becoming a master in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy

As a holistic practitioner I am always looking to practice and improve my knowledge and techniques. A few months ago I took part in a course in Thailand to become a master practitioner in Ericksonian Indirect Hypnosis; created by American psychiatrist Milton Erickson; who is considered to be the father of modern hypnotherapy and a large influence on NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming). His hypnotherapy is different to traditional hypnosis, there is no authoritative voice saying, “You are getting sleepy”. It is founded on the belief that trance is a common everyday occurrence, like day dreaming, waiting for buses or trains, reading or listening etc. Most people can relate to that sensation of ‘zoning out’ or being deep in thought, when we’re not really focused on what’s around us instead we are in a place or thought that is inside our head. That is essentially going into a trance without realising it.

Ericksonian hypnotherapy is also based around the belief that the sub conscious is separate from the conscious mind and that it is creative, solution generating and often positive, and more importantly the subconscious is always listening. Erickson formed his techniques around making suggestions to the subconscious in a non-invasive way using these naturally occurring trances.


My journey began in London with a 14-hour flight to Chiang Mai, the second biggest city in Thailand after Bangkok. Home to Thailand’s highest mountain, the city is surrounded by lush vegetation and filled with hundreds of ornate temples. Every bit the paradise you would imagine.


Traveling through the city though, it is plain to see that many of the residents of the city are not wealthy; they are however extremely respectful, polite and peaceful people. I found my time there to be a very humbling experience.

Chiang Mai is actually a very spiritual place. One of the most spiritual parts of my journey was taking part in a ritual at the temple Wat Phra; situated at the top of the mountain Doi Suthep. The architecture, shrines and murals were absolutely breath taking.

The temple at Doi Suthep
Inside a temple Chiang Mai

The focus of my trip was my training with Stephen Brooks; Director and Senior Trainer with The British Hypnosis Research and Training School led the course.His techniques have helped countless people to overcome their issues; this was something that I was able to witness during my stay.

Over the course of my training there were six volunteer clients, people from all walks of life with a variety of issues ranging from sleeping problems and panic attacks to social anxiety, back pain even PTSD.

Each day began with a discussion about the issue of the client, after which the client would come into the room and I would observe as Stephen would work with them for a 1 hour session using indirect hypnosis and where required the brooks technique (a non therapeutic technique that deals with the attachment of negative emotions).

The transformations that I witnessed were amazing, with every client able to leave the room in a positive state and with some healing in their lives. I felt privileged to have been a part of these moments; it was a completely brilliant learning experience. Furthermore I am pleased to say that I am now a qualified master practitioner in Ericksonian hypnotherapy.

Certificate Master Ericksonian hypnotherapy
Stephen Brooks presenting me with my certificate as a master practitioner in Ericksonian hypnotherapy.

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