The mind is everything. What you think, you become.

What challenges do you want to conquer?
What inhibits you from achieving your goals?

The mind-set gym is a unique workshop, developed by Stephen Truelove. It includes a combination of his methods and techniques designed to help you to succeed.

The Mind-set Gym includes:

  • Discovering your patterns of behaviour and emotional blocks
  • 7 individual stations of wellbeing techniques
  • One on one coaching with Stephen Truelove
  • Breakthrough challenge
  • Goal setting exercise
  • Resources to take away
  • Follow up call 2 weeks after you have completed the gym

You will arrive for the workshop at 9:45 for a 10am start. The workshop itself will take 5-6 hours to complete. Coffee, tea and biscuits will be provided.


“Straight after attending I noticed I felt different.I noticed a deeper resolve within me, and I set my mind to no longer be the walk over I once felt I was, I am still relaxed and laid back, however if my ethics are tested I feel strongly that I will voice my opinion. My home life has taken an amazing turn, the once difficult relationship with my son, has changed completely. Two weeks in, it oddly all seems to be coming together, financial difficulties, now have solutions and new opportunities that have opened up have resolved the frustration I felt at my direction in life. So just wanted to say thank you for creating this course, I really cannot recommed it highly enough.”
Joel Ingram

“After the session I made my mind up to let go of something that has troubled and hurt me for years. I sent the message right there and then and it has truly changed my life for the better. Since I feel lighter and my personal relationship has benefited so much! If anyone is sitting there contemplating if this workshop can help them, I'd say... "Do it now!" Thanks again Steve, look forward to the next time.”
Denise Jones

“I am so grateful that I was asked to take part in the mind–set gym. I felt so many things shift for me that day, and can honestly say that it has changed my life. Thank you so much!”