Become Limitless Programme

Our successful Become Limitless workshop is now available as an online programme

This interactive programme will guide you through 6 stages for positive change. Incorporating audio, video and written exercises that will help you blast away your limitation and create the possibility for a new belief to succeed in your life. To make something possible that once seemed out of reach.

This is a 5 week programme that also includes 4 1hour coaching sessions.

You can go through the modules at your own pace during this time.

Stage 1 Procrastination What you have been putting off?

Stage 2 Attachment and non attachment, the ability to let go of negative emotions.

Stage 3 Coherence and heart rate variability. Giving the body the opportunity to heal.

Stage 4 Freedom from your negative emotions

Stage 5 The cleansing process

Stage 6 Empowerment, empowering yourself to achieve what once seemed out of reach.

Programme Details

Become Limitless and achieve whatever you want in life.

Get the results you want through better communication and improved relationships to get that promotion or exam result, socialise or even achieve that gold medal!

This 5 week programme will assist you in breaking through any limitations stopping you being your best.

Cost: £700


I loved the Become Limitless Programme. Being able to work at my pace in own time gave me the opportunity to focus and take it all in. It was easy to follow and was good to take some time out to work on myself.

On completing the course I really felt quite uplifted, my creativity boosted I found it so much easier to work in certain aspects of my business.

My mindset has improved and I was able to move forwards more easily.

I highly recommend this course if you are feeling stuck and frustrated and looking for a way through your blocks


Becoming limitless, what a fantastic workshop to be part of today. I was totally overwhelmed & taken aback by the empowering feeling of connecting with my own limitations & emotions, more so today affirming what true friendship & connections of your childhood/past can do to create feeling of positivity, warmth, integrity & self-belief regardless of how tough life can be and what/how we can overcome them & stay strong. Thank you, Stephen Truelove


Totally overwhelmed by this fantastic Becoming Limitless Programme. Feelings of great #friendship #authenticity  #intregrity#acknowledement. Loved sharing this experience with special people.
A big THANK YOU to Love Life Love You
I owe myself the biggest apology for putting up with what I didn’t deserve.


Working through this online course in my own time gave me the opportunity to look at self sabotaging behaviours and blocks that I was experiencing, stopping me from moving forwards.
Becoming Limitless Programme was easy to follow and I have to say helped me to have some powerful shifts, I can honestly say that by the end of the course I was feeling clearer and lighter, my mindset had improved and I was finding things easier and was definitely less overwhelmed.
I highly recommend this course to anyone who is fed up with feeling stuck and is ready to make changes