The Therapy Of Cooking


The basis of this book is to lay the foundations for you to make positive changes in your life that will benefit you and your family.



The photos on page 14 – 15 show a few of the many celebrities that have visited Cardiff and have become accustomed to the authentic Italian dining and fantastic service at Giovanni’s restaurants. Celebrities including the late Luciano Pavarotti, Sir Tom Jones and Dame Shirley Bassey are just a few of the many hundreds of celebrities who have dined at Giovanni’s.Giovanni said, we have been looking after celebrities for over 35 years but the real celebrities are his loyal customers his staff and especially his sister Francesca who is the rock of Giovanni’s empire.Giovanni and Stephen met at an event promoting Stephen’s excellent work in the world of mindset change. Having been coached by Anthony Robbins, Paul McKenna and Dr Richard Bandler amongst many other respected coaches himself. Giovanni asked Stephen “what makes you different?” and Stephen replied “Let me show you”. and he certainly did.The two regularly met where Stephen would share his continuing experiences of new techniques while Giovanni created and cooked unique dishes to share. That’s when “The Therapy of Cooking” was born. Realising that relaxing whilst cooking combined with mindset change was powerful and that ‘food feeds the soul and knowledge feeds the mind’.When was the last time your mind wandered off to somewhere far away? Where did it wander? It’s too easy to let our mind stray into negative places. Often, we commiserate over our struggles, bad relationships, and heartache. This inevitably deteriorates our emotional state.Cooking is a prime time when your mind may go into a trance.The repetitive actions and monotonous aura created when cooking the same typical meal, sends our mind into a spiral of grudging and often hypothetical thoughts. The meal gets cooked, but you can’t really remember cooking it. Your loved ones are distant and inconsiderate, not appreciating the meal you have produced. Sound familiar? This book will teach you to use that time in the kitchen to shift your mind into a positive state, as well as creating a delicious, fulfilling meal you can be proud of.


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