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When you are in a gratitude attitude you are creating more good things to be grateful for. Gratitude is a foundation when practiced that can help you focus on areas of your life where you want things to be better, Health Wealth and Happiness. 

Be Grateful and attract good things into your life. We recommend you listen to your download for at least 30 nights to reap the benefits.

You deserve to love yourself and the life you lead.

Mind-set coach and expert hypnotherapist Stephen Truelove will work with you to break free from whatever is holding you back in life.


Stephen is qualified in a range of therapies and holistic practices, in his 15 years experience he has helped his clients to overcome a variety of issues; from bereavement to self-confidence, depression & anxiety to smoking cessation or weight loss, the list goes on. In every case he will work with his clients to move past the limiting beliefs that hold them back in life and help them create the right mind-set for them to be the person they want to be.


I’m overwhelmed by what Steve at Love Life Love You has done for me. Three weeks ago, I was a nervous, depressed, anxious wreck. I could’nt speak without crying & I was in the deepest, darkest of places. After only three sessions with Steve, I feel like I have my life back. The transformation is amazing. Steve totally understoon me from the start and has worked his ‘magic’ on so many issues I had. At my last session Steve did a very simple technique on my 10 year old son, who has been unhappy at school. The following day my son was a different child & couldn’t wait to go to school! It just goes to show how powerful the mind is…


I would like to give Steve a massive thank you for all his hel and positive energy he gave. I am 27 years old and not a lot was working for me (career, relationship and general negative thoughts) I went to Steve with the mind set that I would not enjoy it. Well how wrong was I! After one session I felt like a changing person with a new positive mid set and this mind set is helping with life decisions. If I’m ever down I have been taught fantastic techniques that can change a negative thought into a positive one. 10/10 I totally recommend whatever age you are!


I would personally like to Thank Steve Truelove, for all his positive time and support, helping me to successfully see a different way of living. As a result of therapy with Steve my anxiety has loosened and I have been lead to letting go of unnecessary worries I had every day. After each session I always felt better like a little skip was back in my step. His method of therapy is relaxed and down to earth you can tell him anything and do not worry about what he will think only that you know he will help in the best way possible.


On the 12th of June 2009 my 30 year old son Ryan was found dead in his hot tub. The agony that I felt for the months that followed slowly turned into an ache in my chest that stayed with me. I wasn’t able to think about Ryan without feeling sad and empty. By chance I met Steve through something unrelated to my problem. He said that he could help me. In a matter of weeks my life has changed completely. I can now enjoy my memories of Ryan which is all I wanted. Thank you Steve.


I was 27 years old & I was enjoying a night out in my local town with my football club. I walked out of the pub first & on my own & was unaware of the circumstances. Two lads attacked me from behind & punched me in the stomach until I was floored. There were four offenders in all, two dealing with me & two preventing my friend from helping me. Whilst on the floor, one coward kicked the living daylights out of my head! As a result, I’d suffered a fractured skull & a brain injury for no reason! I didn’t know them & they didn’t know me!


Dear Stephen, I am writing to you to thank you for the person I am today, being a psoriasis suffere has had an affect on my confidence and well being for some time now. The difference in me as a person now is wonderful after the sessions we have done together. I would not hesitate to come to you in the future: I would like to thank you once again.


I was overjoyed in January when I found out I was pregnant with my first child. This feeling however quickly became overshadowed with my overwhelming fear of child birth. After just three sessions not only did I get past my fear, both my husband and I had been trained in techniques that would allow us to create a calm and peaceful environment during labour.

Sarah Phillips

I just wanted to say the biggest most sincere thank you I have ever said to anyone. I feel like a whole different person, my very old self. I came home and slept for a few hours and the weight that has been lifted off my shoulders is amazing. I was petrified of flying before I came to see you, and now I’m really excited that I’m flying in less than 48 hours!! The fear has completely left me and feels like some distant dream I once had that I can’t quite remember the details of. From the bottom of my heart and the depth of my soul – thank you Steve.


Steve, I would like to thank you for the strength you helped me to find to get me through giving birth to my daughter. As you know I was quite apprehensive during my last few weeks of pregnancy but due to the sessions I had with you my labour went very smooth. Thanks once again.

Stephen Truelove

Mind Set Coach and founder of Love Life Love You


I have always had a fascination in the power of our own minds, and believe we are more than what we are aware of. After going through a very traumatic period in my life I began to look into Hypnotherapy. 

I’ve recently returned from Thailand where I trained for a Masters in Ericksonian indirect Hypnosis. I also learned the Brooks technique which is a non therapeutic technique of attachment and non attachment of emotions. 

Through putting myself through all the techniques I have qualified in I learned all about the patterns I formed throughout my life and many causing negative effects in many different ways and creating limiting beliefs that were holding me back and were the cause of some of my illnesses. 

Through more than 14yrs experience working with a diverse range of clients, I have found this to be the same for most of my clients. In June 2015 I gave up my job as an Aircraft engineer of almost twenty six years to focus 100% on my passion of helping others to be empowered to be the best they can be in all areas of their lives.

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