About Stephen Truelove

A proud son of the South Wales Valleys, I am a Mindset Coach with 20 plus years experience of coaching and complementary therapies, author of A Journey Of Discovery And Self-Learning and developer of the Love Life Love You process Breaking Limitations, co- author of The Therapy Of Cooking.

I was married and a father at 17, working with my Dad in electrical contracting at Port Talbot. Later I worked at GE Aviation Nantgarw, together with my brother Mark until his untimely death in a motorcycle accident aged just 39.

For 17 years I worked my socks off providing for my family, and then it all fell apart. My marriage collapsed and I landed back at Mam and Dad’s with three kids and a saxophone, feeling very sorry for myself. Somehow I managed to hold down my job, but I was running on empty and in need of a far bigger overhaul than any of the aircraft engines I was working on – for the sake of my children, my wonderful parents and myself.

Always fascinated by the power of the mind, I began to study hypnotherapy, Reiki, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and other techniques, and I learned a lot about myself. People saw the difference in me and wanted me to help them too. I also joined a band, Sounds Familiar, with whom I still play sax to this day.

At the heart of my success as a therapist is removing limitations, releasing the inner brake that stops us being the best we possibly can. We know we’re good enough for the new job, yet something holds us back. We all want to go to the ball, but we make Cinderellas of ourselves without an ugly sister in sight. A little voice whispers: you’re not good enough, not clever enough, not good looking enough, you’re a girl, you’re a boy, it won’t work, don’t even try. We can reprogramme that little voice.

Whether you want to lose a bit of weight or feel less anxious, or whether you need to pick yourself up from rock bottom, as I did, you just need to take the first step. We can use whichever of the many therapies and techniques in the toolbox that suits you best to help you take that first step – and many more – towards being the best, healthiest, happiest and most successful possible version of yourself.

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