Huw is a friend I have known since infant’s school, and over the last couple of years he had a set back in his well being. Huw had heart arrhythmia issues, which he was receiving medical treatment for, but recently he had a bigger set back still when he suffered a small stroke. A blood clot had gone to the right side of his brain causing some loss of co ordination to his left side.

Huw spent a couple of weeks in hospital followed by daily physiotherapy at home. He had been given a board with large holes and pegs, the pegs; four of them, were placed in the center four holes. The task then being to simultaneously with right and left hands, move the pegs from the center holes to the holes on the outer side of the board. This was proving very challenging for Huw following the loss of his coordination.

He told me “a four year old can do this exercise!” It was creating a lot of frustration for him. Through conversations on the telephone I had got a sense of underlying emotions that were un resolved, it was also apparent his sense of humor was pretty much non existent (understandable under the circumstances). He said his family had also noticed that his humor had disappeared.

When I visited Huw at home he was quite down, I offered to help in any way I could, Huw knew of the work that I do without really understanding or knowing too much about the techniques I use. However he was ready to try anything that could help.

We started with Huw doing the exercise on the pegboard as that was creating the frustration, I began explaining the work I do and the techniques I use as Huw did the exercise. Having known Huw for a long time I was aware of his history and the loss of some family members.

We did some EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and I felt the shift of energy within Huw as we Tapped a couple of rounds, he then broke down in tears, which for me is a break through in emotional terms, almost instantly his humor returned and he said he felt a bit better, a bit lighter, I asked him to do the pegboard exercise again and he flew through it without any hesitation or frustration, and no mistakes. He said, “How did you do that?” I replied; “how did you do that?”

He sat there with a surprised look on his face.

We chatted a little longer and I left. The next evening I telephoned Huw and he told me “I feel better, I flew through my Physio with no problem I didn’t understand half of what you said but you definitely have some kind of gift, thank you.”

A week later I had a text from Huw; “No more physio and I am driving.” What a turn around!

These are times when I really love my work, assisting someone to release old patterns so they can continue their own healing.



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