Our guide to goals and resolutions

It’s that time of the year again! 2016 gone, 2017 just beginning, a fresh start just like last year? New years resolutions being made again!

For many of us these resolutions do not stick and we just fall back into that old repeat mode. We set out with great intentions but a few weeks in that new year’s buzz and motivation has faded, procrastination starts to set in, and we end up right back where we started.

Many New years resolution’s require life style changes. That can be very difficult to do when you are running old habits in your mind, many outside of our conscious awareness. So by using and developing new strategies and changing your mind set, you can become more aware, rather than your unconscious mind running the show. We will outline our method to easily achieve, integrate and maintain your new goals.

Step 1

What is your goal? Be specific and be realistic. If you want to loose weight, how much? What clothes size would you like to be? If you want to try new things, what things? make a list. All too often people come up with vague goals or sweeping statements but this will just set you up for failure, you need to have a clear picture in your mind of what it is you want to achieve and you need to make sure that it is achievable.

Step 2

Have a plan. Break your main goal down into mini goals so that you have a schedule to work to and way to keep up progression. Think about getting outside support whilst your planning, doing this creates accountability which is essential for success.

Step 3

Believe in yourself. So many people give up because they don’t believe they can do it, they describe their goal by saying ‘oh I need to quit smoking’ or ‘I need to eat healthy’ or ‘I need to loose weight’. Need makes it sound like a chore, like you’ve already given up, like you’re criticizing yourself. Stop it! Start saying ‘I am going to.’ Instead of focusing on what you haven’t accomplished, focus on what you will accomplish, and try and remember to praise yourself for the little achievements that you make along the way.

Step 4

Why do you want to achieve your goal? why did you pick your resolution? This is the most important step, without reason or motivation you are unlikely to succeed.Be really honest with yourself, a lot of people come up with ‘loose weight’ or ‘eat healthy’ because that’s what everyone else is doing and they think that’s what they should be doing too. But your goal needs to be personal to you, your needs, and your aspirations.

To help you with this we have a powerful visualization and anchoring technique;


1.Find somewhere peaceful and quiet where you can really focus, imagine yourself 6 months from now, you have achieved your goal/resolution and you are maintaining it.

2.Focus on how you feel, happiness? a sense of fulfillment? success? Really indulge yourself in that feeling. Then, using your writing hand, take your thumb and finger and press them together, hold them until the feeling gentle comes to a lull.

3.Now take a minute to clear you mind, white out that image from your mind and bring yourself back to the present.

4.Next, visualize yourself 6 months from now, you have not achieved your goal or maintained it, not even close, you gave up.

5.Focus on that thought and how do you feel now? down and disappointed? upset? failure? Whilst you are feeling this push a finger on the back of your other hand and hold it there.

6.This feeling you have now is your motivation, your driver to push you to succeed. You will not allow yourself to feel like this, every little triumph you make is a step towards the good feeling and away from the bad one.


If you set out every year to achieve something and find yourself slipping back to your old ways believing it’s not possible for you. Then remember, the only way to achieve what seems impossible is to first believe it is possible, change your mind set change your life! When you think differently and change the old way of thinking for a new one then anything becomes possible. We believe in you and you can achieve whatever you want, so make 2017 the year when you succeed!

So…What’s next?

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