Be the best version of you

Earlier this month we held a workshop with Australian hypnotherapist Brett Cameron; Be the best version of you. It was such a great evening and an empowering experience for the many that attended. So we wanted to share some of the things we learned with you.

What does it mean to be the best version of you?

It’s being the best you can be in health, happiness, success, and all other areas of your life. It’s being content and happy and having a positive outlook on life.
It’s not holding yourself to the standards and expectations of others, but rather taking the time for you to be happy with yourself.

So what stops us from doing this?

Our past and our memories, we have been conditioned throughout our lives by others and circumstances and events in our lives. Without us realizing all or these things have programmed our subconscious mind.

Your subconscious mind is like your best friend. It’s looking out for you, it works with your body to keep you breathing while you sleep; it helps digest your food, keeps your heart pumping and basically helps you to survive. Your subconscious mind will store a memory and the learning from that memory but it will also store the emotion from that memory, particularly if that memory was in some way traumatic.
At the time they were created they served a positive intention, however as time moves on it doesn’t realize that things have changed and you have gotten older and wiser, but it is still serving you from past experiences and memories.

In our workshop Brett shared with us a really great story that shows us how this works. There was a mother who was concerned about her son. She explained to Brett that he was 6 years old, he was a great kid, but he would only ever eat crunchy food, that was it nothing else if it didn’t crunch he didn’t eat it.
Obviously the mother was worried that he was not getting the right nutrition and it had got to the point where she had exhausted every option to try and get him to eat a normal diet.
So the mother and her son went to see Brett and they sat in the office and the mother watched while Brett gently guided the boy into trance.
He took the boy back to his 5th birthday and asked him;

“Hey, is it’s your birthday!, can you tell me what’s happening?
“A party with a magician!”
“wow, what food are you eating?”
“Crunchy food!”
So then they went back to his 4th birthday, “hey, happy birthday, what’s happening?”
“A party, with a clown”
“Crunchy food!”.
Finally they went back to his 3rd birthday.
“Hey happy birthday, what’s happening?”
“Mummy and daddy are crying”

At this point Brett stopped and turned to the mother. It turned out that around the boy’s 3rd birthday she and her husband had lost a baby.
The boy had figured out that if he ate loud crunchy food it would block out the sound of his mummy and daddy crying.
His unconscious mind had taken this memory and the emotional trauma and developed this habit to try and protect him.
Brett continued now with the session and after they were done, the mum asked the boy if he would like to go and get a burger, something he had always refused to try before, the boy said yes this time.

Self hypnosis technique

In the workshop we took people through hypnotherapy techniques, hypnotherapy works by speaking to the subconscious mind, this can help people to help change that old programming that no longer serves it’s purpose and assist your subconscious mind to refine old programs with new more empowering ones that bring more positive results into your life.
One technique you can try at home:

Every time you look in the mirror look into your own eyes (the gateway to your soul) and repeat to your self I Love And Accept Myself, The Way I Am And The Way I Am Not, you can do this as much as you want, keep going until you feel differently about yourself!

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So what’s next?

Steve is available to work with you at various locations and also online via media platforms like zoom, skype or even a coaching phone call.For more information to choose the best way for you.
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