Let’s Get Rid of Labels

Re-frame and re-fresh your mind

Labels. They are everywhere! On food, on clothes, on buildings, on you! We apply labels to basically everything in life, but we often forget how it feels to be labelled something ourselves.

What labels are attached to you? Are you a mother? A father? What label does your career give you? And, more importantly, what labels make you feel uncomfortable?

A label is basically an identity that we give ourselves. And sometimes these labels can really affect how we behave. So, let’s look at how we can re-frame these uncomfortable labels to re-fresh our mindsets and take control of our lives.

What is identity?

Identity is the story we tell ourselves about who we are. Today, identity is crucial in understanding the world and how we fit into it.

We are given identities and labels through what people think of us, as well as the story we tell ourselves. These identities include what we think, makes us unique, what types of groups we belong to and where we live.

However, when the labels you’ve been given don’t align to your true ‘self’, this is when you can start to feel disconnected from yourself.

What stories do you tell yourself?

We are often to blame for the labels that we give ourselves. We all have internal narratives that say “I’m not good enough” or “I’m fat” and “I’m ugly”. However, this is just a story you tell yourself and is not reality!

There are also situations where there is evidence to show that something could be a part of your identity (for example “I’m an artist because I’ve made art before”) but you might not actually believe that this label applies to you.

We have so many identities and these often make us be different people at different times. This can be problematic and make us feel very uncomfortable – people often then end up in situations where they feel like they are being fake or a fraud.

Why does identity matter for your mindset?

We must start taking charge of our identities so that we can align who we are with what we do and how we do it. The main goal is authenticity. When you are living life as your true, authentic self, then you are in control of your mindset. This is how you can live the life you love!

For example, we had a lovely client at LLLY recently who had been diagnosed with ADHD. The client really struggled with this label and didn’t enjoy it at all. However, together with Steve he re-framed the label as POB, or patterns of behaviour. He left the session feeling empowered and much happier with his new label. A slight change of phrase caused a complete mindset shift. What a powerful tool!

Some exercises to try

Journaling exercise

To help you re-frame any labels that you find uncomfortable, let’s try a journaling exercise. Take some time to write down the answer to the following questions: “Who am I? Who am I not? Who else is shaping my identity? Who am I afraid of becoming if I don’t get rid of these labels?

Sit with these questions for a while and let them stir. Then write down whatever comes to you. Come from the heart – try not to overthink and overanalyse.

Re-frame the labels

What labels really affect you in life? The journaling exercise above is sure to have thrown a few into the mix! Have a think about 2 or 3 that you can re-frame. You’ll know that the re-framing is right when you feel it in your body. See how the energy in you shifts when you find the right label!

When we re-frame the labels we can reset our minds and empower our lives!

If you would like any help with re-framing, be sure to book in for a session with Steve.

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