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Create the right mind set to achieve your goals

Here at LLLY, we’ve been glued to our TV screens watching all the amazing athletes that have participated in the Olympic and Paralympic games. How amazing have these games have been for Team GB? It’s been an emotional roller coaster, full of highs and lows, successes and disappointments, hopes and heartbreaks. Some athletes achieved what they were aiming for, others were left wanting.

Where will these athletes go next? Some of them could choose to retire. But will some of them continue training and aim for gold at Tokyo 2020? If they do, they will have to commit to another 4 years of intense training and conditioning to get them ready. And it won’t be just Tokyo 2020 that they aim for, but also the world athletic championships in London and all the other qualifying events along the way! That’s a lot for these athletes to think about.

How do they do it?

How do these athletes do it? Yes, obviously they need to be in peak physical condition and so diet and training are a necessity. But time and time again throughout these Olympics in Rio we heard the words “mind set” being used. To arrive at the pinnacle of their sports, these gold medallists were not only in the best physical condition, but they had also mastered their mind sets.

Mental stress, emotions, focus, performance – all these are mastered by an athlete’s mind set. This mind set gets them through all the preparation: all those gruelling early mornings, the restricted diets, their endurance throughout the day. When you compete with the right mind set, you can make a difference between winning gold or silver!

What is the mind set of an Olympian?

The mind set of an Olympian helps them think of their fitness in the broad terms of their spirit and their emotions. Once these athletes can get on top of their mind set, they are able to let go of limiting beliefs or some kind of a knock in confidence. So, as well as having a fit body, you could say that to be a top athlete, you need to have a fit soul too!

Below are some top tips to get you into the winning mind set!

  1. Create a new “normal” for yourself

Thinking in terms of goals can often be distracting. Instead of making a goal, why not redefine what is “normal” for you: push yourself! So, say you work out for an hour a day, tell yourself that “normal” is working out for an hour and a half.

Initially it seems like a challenge, but then reduce the workout by 15 minutes. Suddenly it will feel much easier and it’s still longer than the hour!

  1. Check your thoughts

What’s the internal chatter going on in your head when you’re training? Is it “This is too hard”? Or “I just can’t go on!”. Practise giving up these negative thoughts that are weighing you down.

Instead of thinking “This is too hard”, think “I am strong enough to do this!”. Instead of “I just can’t go on!”, think “I have absolutely everything it takes to get to the end”. Retrain your mind to think in the positive and you’ll see your form improve no end!

  1. Forget about the competition

Dr Steve Peters, a psychologist and author of the book “The Chimp Paradox” has trained some of Team GB’s best athletes, including Sir Chris Hoy and Bradley Wiggins. His advice to riders is that they can’t say that they want to be the best cyclists in the world because they have no influence over their competitors. What these athletes can say, though, is that they want to be the best they can possibly be and then make a plan to achieve that!

Are you an athlete?

If you are an experienced athlete and you want to stay on top of your game, or you’re an up and coming athlete that is working to get to the top, or you’re even a new athlete starting your journey to the top, Steve can help you get there. To be the best, work with the best!

Steve is the world’s number one Mind Set Architect. By working with Steve, he will assist you to get on track, stay on track and rule your emotions and limiting beliefs to help you master that mind set. Working with Steve will help you become the winner that you are. He will give you all the tools and techniques that will help you break through and be the best at what you do.

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